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About Us

About Us (well I guess its really "About Me", as it's just me)

A Crypto Enthusiast trying to make their way through the crazy world of Crypto!

The day I started investing into Crypto I am became an enthusiast! Everything about Crypto was interesting, modern, and the end goal of creating a decentralized & easy way for everyone on the planet to exchange goods or money.

How does this all have anything to do with my website you ask?
Well sure, like everyone I wanted to make some profits in Crypto, but I also wanted to continue to be involved within the community. is my way of staying connected with people who are just starting out and beginning their journey down the rabbit hole to people who have been here since the beginning.

Either way, the Crypto coins that I offer are a way for me to stay involved and a way for you to have something a bit more tangible and symbolic of the Crypto you may hold. I work with suppliers directly to source the highest quality coins and also strive to ensure that you get the best product and the best service.

If you want to reach me, email me at

Don't forget to HODL!