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Who doesn't want free Bitcoin?!

If you're already into crypto, you probably have a favorite exchange that you use (or several). You should give Shakepay a try. Shakepay is a Canadian exchange that offers Bitcoin and Ethereum. Doesn't sound very exciting? Well, Shakepay gives you free Bitcoin everyday with no strings attached!

All you have to do is access the app on your phone and then shake. That's it. You can do this once a day and you don't have to actually trade any crypto on their exchange. Plus, if you use the referral code below, you get $10.00 free after you buy at least $100.00 of crypto.

Better yet, Shakepay does not charge any fees for withdraws or deposits (not even on withdraws of crypto to your wallet).


**Disclaimer: By using the referral code, cryptobitcoins is provided compensation for each new account that spends at least $100.00

The referral is optional. I am not a financial advisor.