Now Accepting Payment with Crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum & Dogecoin! (Credits Cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay also accepted) More designs coming soon!


Q: What makes the crypto currency coins that you sell different from others I see online?

A: The coins that we source are from a supplier that works directly with the manufacturer who strives to provide the highest quality product, from design to the final minting. There are a lot of similar looking coins online and some sell for less, but comparably the difference in quality is very obvious.

Q: Are the coins that you offer actually worth anything?

A: The coins that are offered by do not have any value attached from any fiat and/or crypto currency, but are still cool and gives you a symbolic and tangible item to associate with any real crypto currencies you hold.

Q: Is shipping really FREE to all of Canada and the USA?

A: Yes. No strings attached.

Q: If I am looking to purchase a larger amount of coins, can I get a better deal?

A: Sure! For any orders of 10 or more coins, just reach out to me at and we will figure out something for you :)

Q: Do you have a referral program?

A: We are currently working on a referral program that would pay you in crypto currency for each referral that setup an account. Stay tuned!

Q: What is crypto currency?

A: That is a great question and the answer has a lot of detail, but is also very interesting. I encourage that you start here: Cryptocurrency - Wikipedia.

Q: Is there any crypto currencies that you recommend that I should invest in?

A: Sure, but I'm not a financial advisor so I won't. I hold several crypto currencies such as Bticoin, Cardano, Ethereum, VeChain and encourage anyone to invest if they have the means to do so. I recommend reading about the different crypto currencies online first as the market is very volatile.

Q: If I'm looking for a specific crypto currency that you don't have on your site, can you get it for me?

A: Sure, just reach out to us at to let me know what crypto you are looking for and we will find out if it's available. We can also provide your suggestion to our supplier to see if it can be manufactured. Also take a look at our coins that are "coming soon" as it might already be on the way.

Q: Do you just sell crypto currency coins?

A: Currently yes, but we are looking to source other crypto related items. (eg. unique cold storage wallet coin) Keep an eye out on the "coming soon" items.